5 Feb 2004

PNG forest campaigners call for NZ help

8:04 am on 5 February 2004

Papua New Guinea forest campaigners want New Zealand to lead the way in trying to save PNG's last remaining rain forests.

Dorothy Tekwie, who is both a landowner's representative and a Greenpeace activist, says they want New Zealand to be their champion at the Convention on Biological Diversity next week in Kuala Lumpur.

She says the PNG forests are being destructively and illegally logged by companies such as the Malaysian multi national Rimbuanan Hijau.

Dorothy Tekwie says the rich biodiversity of the forests has to be protected for all the world's sake.


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Dorothy Tekwie.

Greenpeace this week staged a protest at a New Zealand subisdiary of Rimbuanan Hijau, the LumberBank, claiming it is bringing illegally obtained wood into New Zealand.

The company has refused to comment on the claim, but Ms Tekwie says Greenpeace has traced the wood's route to New Zealand.