7 Feb 2004

Special task force to investigate Fiji police involvement in 2000 coup

8:35 am on 7 February 2004

Fiji's police commissioner has set up a task force to investigate his own senior officers for their alleged involvement in the May 2000 coup.

Andrew Hughes has told the Fiji Times this follows many allegations that his officers were involved in organising and facilitating the coup.

The task force will be led by the Assistant Commissioner Operations, Kevuli Bula-mai-naivalu, and include seven other detectives.

Mr Hughes says since Mr Bulamainaivalu was on peacekeeping duty in Bosnia during the coup, there was no way he could have been involved in the things that happened in parliament.

He says the Assistant Commissioner is from Lau province and there is no way he could have cultural connections with the hardcore organisers of the coup.

Mr Hughes says the task force will begin work on Monday to try and crack the code of silence surrounding the coup.

The police file on the former Commissioner, Col Isikia Savua's alleged involvement in the coup is still open.