10 Feb 2004

Solomons Opposition lists the benefits of switching to the Australian dollar

5:13 pm on 10 February 2004

The Solomon Islands opposition foreign affairs spokesman says using the Australian currency will attract more investment into the country.

Alfred Sasako says the country already is governed by Canberra, given the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands.

He says having the Australian dollar would help lift the country's economy.

"I think this proposition is an attractive one. Our currency is dropping in value. Two in the economic recovery thing we have been talking about I believe it will help it to give potential investors when they have their money, it will continue to maintain its value making it an added attraction for investors to come through ."

Mr Sasako says exporters may disagree on the benefits of changing currencies.

He says its an important step to stop the Solomons dollars continuing fall in value.

Mr Sasako says he also supports Australia's call for a single currency for the Pacific region.