10 Feb 2004

Japan funds regional workshop in Samoa on waste management issues

5:14 pm on 10 February 2004

The Japanese government is funding a four week workshop in Samoa on better waste management for the region.

The workshop is being organised by the South Pacific Regional Environment programme, SPREP.

Waste management policy, waste minimisation, rubbish collection, sanitary landfill, and hazardous and health-care waste will be covered.

SPREP director, Asterio Takesy, says as more pressure is placed on limited land and other resources, waste of all kinds is an issue that needs focus.

A Japanese waste expert, Shiro Amano, says 15 delegates from 13 countries around the region will attend.

Mr Amano says there are real benefits to the workshop and he says one example is that of Samoa's main dumpsite.

He says it's been completely redesigned so that it's an environmentally friendly system with improved efficiency which minimises the risks of polluting water supplies and affecting public health.