16 Feb 2004

Palau seizes another haul of shark fins and bodies

8:09 am on 16 February 2004

Palau has seized another haul of shark fins and mutilated bodies in its crack down on shark fishing.

Palau passed stringent anti shark fishing laws last year and has publicly burned the last two hauls of fins and shark bodies.

At the last bonfire in January, Palau authorities burned a hundred and eighty thousand US dollars worth of material.

The President of Palau, Tommy Remengesau, says he wants to send a clear message to foreign fishing vessels, that shark poaching will not be tolerated in his country.

The recent haul was taken from a Taiwanese fishing vessel.

Customs officials found nearly 700 kilograms of fins and nearly the same weight of shark bodies onboard.

The catch could be worth more than two hundred thousand US dollars