16 Feb 2004

Fiji's solicitor general calls for South Africa Constitutional style court

12:03 pm on 16 February 2004

Fiji's solicitor general has called for the establishment of a South Africa style Constitutional Court to handle the increasing number of constitutional cases.

The Fiji Times quotes Nainendra Nand as saying such a court would ensure that the aggrieved parties are attended to promptly without the need to refer the cases to the normal court system

At present, Constitutional cases go to the High Court, then the court of Appeal and finally the Supreme Court.

Mr Nand says an appeal from the Constitutional Court could go directly to the Supreme Court.

He says since the 1997 Constitution came into force, there has been an increasing number of constitutional cases brought by a variety of parties.

One constitutional case to be heard by the Supreme Court in June is the dispute over the number of seats the Fiji Labour Party is entitled to in a multi party cabinet