27 Feb 2004

Cyclone damage to Port Vila extensive but not too serious

4:27 pm on 27 February 2004

A reporter with the Vanautu Daily Post, Kiery Manassah, says the damage from Cyclone Ivy in the capital, Port Vila, is extensive, but not too serious.

He says debris, mostly tree branches are scattered widely in the city.

Mr Manassah also says some squatter housing has been wrecked.

And he says there are concerns about oil leaking from two fishing boats which sank in Vila harbour during the storm.

Mr Manassah says the oil is quite visible from the shore.

But he says business activity in the capital is starting to return to normal..

"Yesterday, most of the shops were not open. I think this morning they've started opening again, so life is starting to get back to... people are trying to re-establish themselves and, you know, clean up their areas."