4 Mar 2004

Tongan political activist was "kicked out of job"

4:00 pm on 4 March 2004

Tongan political activist Lopeti Senituli says he was effectively kicked out of his job as Director of the Tonga Human Rights and Democracy Movement due to differences with some of the members of the executive board.

Mr Senituli describes his parting from the Movement as not a very friendly affair, and says they cannot achieve any political change through confrontation all the time.

Admitting there were differences in perspectives between himself and some of the board, he says his vision prioritises working with all sectors of Tongan society, including nobles, churches, town officers, and even heads of government departments.

Mr Senituli has just started his new job as Director of the Tonga Community Development..

The new role comes with a restriction that he cannot make public commets on political issues.

The tie between Mr Senituli and the Human Rights and Democracy Movement came undone last year when the executive board asked him to take a 50 percent pay cut if he wanted to renew his contract.