5 Mar 2004

Former Solomons PM Ulufa'alu flown to Australia for urgent medical care

4:28 pm on 5 March 2004

Former Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, who was deposed in the June 2000 coup, has been flown to Australia to receive urgent medical treatment.

Mr Ulufa'alu was evacuated on a chartered plane last night after having been ill for several days and receiving treatment in Honiara.

Mr Ulufa'alu, believed to be suffering from pneumonia and diabetes, was admitted to Honiara's National Referral Hospital earlier this week.

He was later transferred to the medical facility of the Regional Assistance Mission, but after his medical condition failed to improve, a decision was made to airlift the former prime minister to Australia to seek further treatment.

Mr Ulafa'alu has been admitted to St Vincent Hospital in Sydney.