11 Mar 2004

Samoa censors yet to review Mel Gibson film

2:31 pm on 11 March 2004

Samoa's film censors have warned movie theatres and video stores in the country not to screen or sell Mel Gibson's controversial film, "The Passion of the Christ", before it is reviewed by the Censor Board.

Secretary of Justice, Masinalupe Tusipa, says his office is very cautious about such films that could influence people's beliefs.

A select panel which will include church ministers is being invited to view the film to determine what rating it will be given before it is screened.

The Samoa Observer newspaper reports that Masinalupe did not rule out the possibility that the film may be edited before being released.

Masinalupe is quoted as saying that from what he has heard about it, the film is very provocative and may dally with viewer's spiritual beliefs and may also have an impact on cultural values.