30 Mar 2004

Fiji Labour Party opposed to proposed land lease change

4:22 pm on 30 March 2004

The Fiji Labour Party has come out in opposition to the government's proposed new land lease legislation to be tabled in the next session of parliament.

The Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, has told the radio station Legend that they do not support the new Native Land Trust Act and the removal of indigenous-owned land from the ambit of the Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Cat, ALTA.

The radio says although Mr Chaudhry and the prime minister had said after their talanoa talks several weeks ago that a solution to the land lease issue would found, Mr Chaudhry says no consultations were held on the bill.

"This bill has been prepared without any consultations with the Labour Party. We have made our position very clear at all times that we want ALTA to be retained in preference to NALTA. We will be discussing this in our party caucus, but we have always maintained that we want a settlement on this issue which is both fair to both the tenants and landlords."