8 Apr 2004

Fiji's NFP wants pharmacy law changed

1:14 pm on 8 April 2004

The leader of the National Federation Party in Fiji, Prem Singh, is calling for a law prohibiting a pharmacy to operate within five kilometers of another, to be changed.

This follows the government's decision to close down the hospital pharmacy in Nadi, because of the regulation.

Mr Singh says the government has to reconsider the law, as it is not in the best interests of people's health.

"That law should go away, its archaic and its decadent in the modern times. There's a lot of poverty in Fiji, particularly in the Nadi area, and its the rural dwellers who depend on that pharmacy. It is up to the government to provide that service."

Prem Singh.

The pharmacy was built by the hospital's Board of Visitors in 1991, and provided a service to about seventy thousand people.