13 Apr 2004

Call on Solomons government to look into land disputes

2:32 pm on 13 April 2004

The Solomon Islands government is being urged to look into land disputes on Guadalcanal in a bid to stem the latest ethnic tensions.

The National Peace Council says it's time the government got a move on and set up a commission of inquiry into the matter.

The deputy chairman of the council, Dennis Lulei, says the organisation has been demanding an inquiry for years because land disputes were behind the ethnic unrest of the 1990's.

"Land is a very difficult problem here, especially in Guadalcanal. It is supposed to be resolved a long time ago, especially the question of squatting, internal migration, movement of people, illegal settlement of people."

Mr Lulei says the government has so far failed to take much notice of the council's stance on the issue.