27 Apr 2004

Solomons women seek information about alleged rape of RAMSI soldier

3:48 pm on 27 April 2004

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women is demanding that more information be released regarding an alleged kidnapping and rape of a female RAMSI officer.

This comes as police say they are still investigating the incident and follows last week's call by the police minister to deal with the matter with urgency.

No arrests have been made.

Police say they cannot confirm that there was no rape days after a spokesman for the Australian foreign minister said there was no sexual assault.

The Council's Secretary General Ella Kauhue says there is still too much uncertainty surrounding the incident which has left many women concerned about their safety.

Ms Kauhue says she has been contacting police authorities regularly, to try to find out more.

"I was sort of ringing them since last week and I think the fact that they are not really coming out and telling us what exactly happens, There are not really saying it's true, it's not true. It's like we are hanging in the air and we don't know what to say."

Ms Kauhue says she is concerned about the rise of incidents involving rape and sexual assaults against women in the country.