3 May 2004

Governor General contender in PNG says he was asked for money in return for support

3:35 pm on 3 May 2004

A contender for the position of Governor General in Papua New Guinea says he has had requests for sweeteners in return for political support.

John Nilkare says certain members of parliament and a political party executive approached him over the weekend and asked for more than six thousand US dollars in return for their support.

Mr Nilkare described the suggestions as corruption at the highest level.

He says he is disgusted by the turn of events and has withdrawn his bid.

"They would want cash up front to do that, and I'm not prepared to pay. I'd rather not go for that position with a cheque boom than to worry about it."

The Supreme court has already annulled the appointment of two Governor Generals in the past six months due to election irregularities.