4 May 2004

Papua New Guinea needs more monitoring equipment around volcanos

7:53 am on 4 May 2004

The National Disaster Centre in Papua New Guinea says monitoring equipment needs to be set up around Mt Bagana, an erupting volcano on Bougainville.

The NDC's acting director, Martin Mose, says villagers have been told they're in no immediate danger from the lava flows but to take extra precautions over possible mud flows when heavy rain occurs.

A technical team flew into the area over the weekend to assess the situation.

Mr Mose says recommendations will be made by the team over monitoring equipment.

"The team are now suggesting that, well, there is a need to establish the monitoring equipment. In the meantime, they will be donating a radio from the observatory. They've got one radio spare sitting there which they say okay, we'll use that in the meantime while waiting to get an instrument installed later on."

Mr Mose says a team from Buka will be sent to the area later this week to discuss the situation again with villagers.