6 May 2004

Nauru president shields himself with constitution

6:34 am on 6 May 2004

The Nauru President, Rene Harris, has released a statement seeking to confirm the constitutional validity of his office and the legitimacy of the government following the resignation of the Speaker on April the 7th.

President Harris has said his office and cabinet will continue to conduct business as usual as the executive authority of Nauru with complete constitutional legitimacy.

He says unless Parliament is dissolved and another President elected, he will continue to serve the people of Nauru.

The Statement says such constitutional authority enables the President to negotiate with financiers in the refinance of Nauru's loan with General Electric Capital.

The Secretary for Justice, Denzil Seneviratne also confirmed the validity of Harris' office.

Mr Seneviratne says the only circumstances, in which the office would cease to be valid, apart from an election, would be if President Harris tendered his resignation.