8 May 2004

Vice-regal race in PNG costing taxpayers

9:38 am on 8 May 2004

Attempts, over the past six months, to fill the Governor-General's post in Papua New Guinea, may have cost taxpayers almost half a million US dollars.

In the latest twist, all four candidates for the job were rejected by the Clerk of Parliament in an ongoing saga that began when the tenure of Silus Atopare, ended in November.

Two governor generals have been voted in since - Sir Albert Kipalan and Sir Pato Kakaraya - but both elections were ruled invalid.

Our correspondent, Peter Niesi, says the whole process has cost thousands of dollars.

"Just to have one parliamentary sitting alone, would cost US$50,000, just for one day, and basically, if you put the number of days this has taken so far, then you're getting near to US$400,000, just to fill in a position."