12 May 2004

PNG Governor welcomes funds to rebuild the country's main highway

10:25 am on 12 May 2004

A provincial governor in Papua New Guinea is welcoming reports of funding for the country's main highway.

The National newspaper reports the department of works has approved three point six million US dollars for emergency improvements to the Highlands Highway in the Western Highlands and Chimbu provinces.

The road was clogged with one of its worst traffic jams at the weekend.

The jam was caused by a fuel container truck running off the road after it swerved to dodge a pothole which local newspaper reports described as six metres deep.

But the governor of Western Highlands province, Wai Rapa, says he's just driven down the road and doubts the potholes were that deep:

"I've just been driving down from Hagen to Boroka on Sunday and i haven't come across a place where there is a pothole as deep as six metres, but there are landslides on the road."

Mr Rapa says he welcomes the emergency funding as it's urgently needed.