18 May 2004

NZ-based plan for American Samoa airline

11:42 am on 18 May 2004

A group of New Zealand-based investors say plans to launch a new inter-island airline in American Samoa, are well underway.

The group's two representatives, a Samoan couple, arrived in Pago Pago last Monday and met local officials about their plans to set up Americka Samoa Airways, which originally surfaced late last year.

The director of the department of Commerce, Ali'imau H Scanlan, declined to comment when asked about the meeting.

However, sources say the Samoan couple have informed the government that the company has filed the necessary application with the U.S. department of Transportation, to set up Americka Samoa Airways.

It is also reported that the group has secured a local agent for its operation while the proposed company's articles of incorporation is being drafted to be reviewed by government attorneys.

The company's intention is to operate between Pago Pago and Apia, and possibly to Manu'a, if the need arises.