27 May 2004

Fiji government to ask lawmakers to approve flood cash

10:19 am on 27 May 2004

The Fiji government will seek parliamentary approval for more funds for rehabilitation in the wake of last month's devastating flash floods.

US$7 million has already been spent on immediate relief after the floods.

But another US$5.3 million is needed for crop rehabilitation and housing.

The matter will go before next month's sitting of parliament.

The cabinet has decided that the 320 families who completely lost their homes in the floods should receive US$3,000 each in housing assistance, with villagers meeting the rest of the cost.

Fiji's transport minister, Josefa Vosanibola, warned his government this week that it could lose the next general election if it failed to look after ordinary people because flood victims were still waiting for relief.

He said unless the needs of those people were met, the Qarase government, would suffer the same fate as the BJP party in India, which lost the recent general election, when the poor, spoke and voted it out.