27 May 2004

French Polynesia's Gaston Flosse calls for potential king maker to get in touch

9:01 pm on 27 May 2004

In French Polynesia, the spokesperson for Gaston Flosse, Yves Haupert, is appealing to the MP who could decide the future direction of French Polynesia, to get in touch.

Following the election earlier this week which left Mr Flosse's Tahoeraa Huiraatira party one seat short of a majority, Philip Schyle's Fetia Api, is one of two parties which could offer Mr Flosse the seat he needs to keep power.

The main opposition party, the Tavini Huiraatira party headed by Oscar Temaru, has 27 seats against Mr Flosse's 28 seats.

Mr Haupert says they are ready to negotiate with Mr Schyle and a ministerial position for him could be arranged, although the presidency is out of the question.

"I don't think that such a proposition is available..I think it is also difficult for the people to accept such a deal, because if he has not the majority, we need him to have the majority, but he has not the majority..he is alone"

The spokesperson for Gaston Flosse, Yves Haupert,