28 May 2004

Nauru MPs call off parliament owing to lack of numbers

10:11 am on 28 May 2004

Parliamentarians on Nauru, which is struggling to stave off bankruptcy, had to call off a parliamentary session yesterday, for lack of a quorum.

This comes after weeks of deadlock with the 18 MPs evenly split, whilst the President and half of the Cabinet have been in Australia, trying to reach a deal on restructuring the country's debt.

The clerk of Parliament, Freddy Cain, says seven MPs turned up yesterday, and another session is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Last week opposition MPs, who were angry at the Government's lack of action, passed legislation, in the absence of some government MPs.

But the minister for island development and industry, Remy Namaduk, says that legislation will be made null and void, as soon as the Cabinet Ministers return from Melbourne.