3 Jun 2004

Opposition MP says 400 riot police have been sent to French Polynesia

8:27 pm on 3 June 2004

In French Polynesia, a member of Heiura, or the Greens, Loic Brigato, says up to 400 specially trained riot police have arrived in the territory to ensure that the results of last week's election are upheld.

Mr Brigato says France has sent the squadrons because the president Gaston Flosse will find it hard to give up power when MPs vote for a President next week.

He says Mr Flosse will lose that election because all the coalition MPs last night (thurs our time) signed an agreement to make the leader of the Tavini Huiraatira party, Oscar Temaru, President.

"Nicole Bouteau, Philip Schyle, the green and Mr Temaru and all the other parties are composing the new majority. Mr Flosse's system is finished and it is really a new era."

Meanwhile Philip Schyle says it may be necessary to call next week's planned election of the President be brought forward.