7 Jun 2004

Transparency International survey of Pacific countries shows widespread abuse of public office

5:29 pm on 7 June 2004

A survey of four Pacific countries conducted by the anti corruption monitoring group, Transparency International, shows widespsread abuse of public office in the region.

TI is to present the results of the survey to the Pacific Island Forum Ministers meeting in Rotorua this week.

The survey assessed the systems of governance and integrity in place in Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Peter Aitsi, a spokesman for TI in PNG, says there are no real surprises in the results.

"what it did show was that there was region wide misuse of office - that was the biggest thing that came out of it, and the other area is that everyone agreed that there should be an independent media...most countries, on a positive note, returned a clear report card on the judiciary"