21 Jun 2004

French Polynesian government undecided about former presidential staff

4:05 pm on 21 June 2004

The new government of French Polynesia says it will decide case by case on whether to retain the about 500 staff whose contracts lapsed when Gaston Flosse lost the presidency last week.

Its spokesperson, Vice-President Jacqui Drollet, says there will be no witch hunt within the ranks of the administration.

After the new government's first meeting, Mr Drollet has also announced that Patrick Leboucher has been appointed head of the new cabinet.

He has also told the local media that a paper will be presented to the assembly soon, proposing a 15 percent pay cut for ministers and assembly members in keeping with a promise made by President Oscar Temaru last week.

Mr Drollet says Mr Temaru has now changed his mind and will join several of his colleagues in setting up his office in Mr Flosse's former presidential palace which is being converted into several ministries.