21 Jun 2004

More arrests in Malaysia in relation to the huge drugs bust in Fiji

8:18 pm on 21 June 2004

Malaysian police have arrested another four people in connection with the 600-million US dollar drug bust in Fiji almost two weeks ago.

Radio Fiji reports that the four were detained in follow-up operations after the arrest of the first seven people in Malaysia 10 days ago.

The Malaysian Star newspaper is quoted as saying that one of the seven, a Hong Kong national, is the most wanted Chinese Triad leader in the country. .

The alleged leader is also reported to be high on the police wanted list in the Philippines and Macao.

The arrests took place as the man met with colleagues to discuss the closure of the Fiji meth-amphetamine laboratory.

Meanwhile, Singapore and Australia have indicated that they will work with the Fiji police to improve its criminal intelligence.

A senior Fiji police officer has already visited the two countries to study current criminal intelligence methods.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, has also told Fiji's Asian community that police are also concerned with the involvement of some of its members in prostitution rackets and corruption in the issuance of fishing licences.