22 Jun 2004

Cook Islands Democratic Party sacks party member Norman George

9:37 am on 22 June 2004

The President of the Cook Islands Democratic Party says MP Norman George will be sacked from the party today.

Makiuti Tongia has told the Cook Islands News that under the party's constitution anyone who forms another party is liable to lose his position and can't ever become a member again.

Last week Mr George told the paper that a new political grouping involving himself would contest the next elections.

Mr Tongia is quoted in the paper as saying Norman George has lost the plot.

He says people are fed up to their eyeballs with coalitions and party hopping.

"Therefore, he says, you can be sure that one message we'll be taking into the elections is that a vote for Norman's group is a vote for the Cook Islands Party because that's the only party Norman can hop to and form a coalition with."

Mr George says details of the new party are expected to be finalised at a meeting some time this week.