23 Jun 2004

Samoa to have new tv stations

10:36 am on 23 June 2004

Samoa media is reporting that two applications for television stations have been approved by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

The Samoa Observer says this has been confirmed by communications minister, Palusalue Faapo II.

One of the successful applicants is managing director of Radio Polynesia, Maposua Rudolf Keil, who pioneered private radio, breaking the state monopoly.

The other successful applicant is a former head of state television, Leota Uelese Petaia.

The newspaper says Maposua applied for a licence to operate a 12-channel pay television service and a free-to-air commercial TV channel.

It says the new Sky Pacific satellite service being launched by Fiji Television is likely to be part of his 12-channel pay TV operation.

Maposua's free-to-air commercial tv is scheduled to start nine to 12 months after the launch of the 12-channel operation.

Presently television services in Samoa are the state-owned Samoa Broadcasting Corporation, a religious channel and two cable tv stations, Pro-Com and Star Cable.