24 Jun 2004

Nauru reaffirms support for Australia's detention policy

3:43 pm on 24 June 2004

Nauru's new Government says it will continue its arrangement with Australia to host asylum seekers in detention camps on the island.

The commitment came from Nauru's new Minister of Foreign Affairs and Justice, David Adeang, near the end of the first sitting of Parliament under the day-old government of Ludwig Scotty.

Mr Adeang says the new government does not see any major issue over the detainees.

"We don't expect that there will be any significant policy changes regarding the, as you call them, detention camps. We do not see any major issues there. We expect that the status quo will remain pretty much."

David Adeang said, however, that the new government regretted that gifts carried to Nauru on the so-called Flotilla of Hope, which reached Nauru on Sunday but was not allowed to land, were not able to be given to the detainees.