13 Jul 2004

Australian Aids ambassador wants a new approach taken in PNG.

8:23 pm on 13 July 2004

Australia's newly appointed ambassador for HIV/Aids, whose job is to assist with the fight against the disease, wants a new approach taken to dealing with the epidemic in Papua New Guinea.

Australia has announced new funding of over 400 million US dollars to assist AUSAID's HIV/Aids prevention work over the next six years.

Annemarie O'Keeffe says PNG is the worst affected country in the Pacific with World Bank figures showing as many as 50-thousand people may have HIV.

Ms O'Keeffe says she wants to see a mainstream approach taken in PNG.

"The way to address HIV Aids is not just through programmes that target specifically HIV Aids. The lessons of the last 20 years has been to effectively deal and reduce the incidences of HIV Aids. It has to be something that's tackled right across a whole different range of government."

Annemarie O'Keeffe.