27 Jul 2004

Fiji Labour Party wants more details before deciding over joining multi party Cabinet

11:32 am on 27 July 2004

The Fiji Labour Party is seeking further clarification before deciding whether it will join the multi-party cabinet.

The Labour caucus has resolved that the party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, should seek an early appointment with the prime minister to seek more information on several key issues.

Mr Chaudhry is quoted as saying it will be an historic decision for the party as well as for Fiji at large, and must be made with due consideration and sensitivity.

The party caucus is expected to meet again after Mr Chaudhry's meeting with Mr Qarase.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the National Council for Reconciliation, Paula Sotutu, says Mr Chaudhry should accept Mr Qarase's offer of 14 seats in a 30-member cabinet as the only way forward for Fiji.