29 Jul 2004

Six party coalition sworn into Government in Vanuatu

7:29 pm on 29 July 2004

Serge Vohor's Union of Moderate Parties six party coalition has been sworn into Government in Vanuatu, after Mr Vohor was voted in as Prime Minister this afternoon.

Josia Moli was elected Speaker.

The UMP faction includes 29 of the 52 MPs in the Parliament and brings three former Prime Ministers back to the Cabinet.

Serge Vohor last led the country in the late 1990s while his new Foreign Minister, Barak Sope, was Prime Minister until he lost power to Edward Natapei in 2001, after a vote of no confidence.

Maxime Carlot Korman, who was Prime Minister in the early nineties, is the new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport.

The Finance Minister is the Greens Confederation leader Moana Carcasses.

Mr Vohor is to make an announcement on Vanautu's Independence Day tomorrow outlining his Government's programme.