3 Aug 2004

Solomon Islands to introduce code of ethics for electronic and print media

1:08 pm on 3 August 2004

The publisher of the Solomon Star newspaper, John Lamani, says work is nearly completed on a code of ethics for electronic and print media.

The statement follows a complaint from the National Council of Women that the reporting of a sex offence case in the paper was so detailed that it was pornographic in nature and insensitive to the victims.

Mr Lamani accepts that the paper may have crossed the line over the article but says it won't happen again.

And, he says lawyers are currently assessing the Media Association's draft code of ethics.

"As soon as they're completed, then the Media Association of Solomon Islands will get into it and implement the code of ethics. Then after that, there will be the Complaints Commission set up to deal with such matters where the public are concerned about."

Mr Lamani says he's spoken to the staff of the paper about following the rules and procedures that are in place for the reporting of such cases.