6 Aug 2004

New Vanuatu prime minister confident he retains mandate to govern

11:55 am on 6 August 2004

A spokesperson for the new Vanuatu government says three MPs who said they were defecting to the opposition have all changed their minds.

Prime minister, Serge Vohor's private secretary, Kal Moli, says there is no sign of the proposed motion of no-confidence that opposition leaders say they were to lodge earlier this week.

He says the prime minister is confident he retains the mandate to continue governing.

"The suggested defectors have since rescinded their signatures from a supposed motion of no-confidence, and they are now back in government. There are some complications with regards to the sharing of the ministerial portfolios and the sharing of senior positions within his government, but this matter has been taken care of and the members who had been giving their concerns are happy with the arrangements so far."

The spokesperson for the Vanuatu government, Kal Moli.