18 Aug 2004

Solomons amusement park owner denies allegations of wrongdoing

9:48 am on 18 August 2004

There is criticism that a travelling amusement park didn't follow proper procedures to operate in the Solomon Islands.

The Director of Trade, Mr Vakesa, has ordered an investigation into Bruno's Magic Land, which may have breached the Investment Act, the Labour Act, the Inland Revenue Act and the Customs Act.

But a co-ordinator for Magic Land, John Tasia, denies any wrongdoing.

"What I suspect it is that the information from Trade, the Director of Trade, Heinz Vakesa, is that theres some eroneous information there. One is he claims Magic Land offered or mentioned the shows would be free. I totally deny those allegations."

John Tasia says its the first time the park has visited the Solomons, and it has been very popular since it opened two weeks ago.

Magic Land closes on Friday, and its next stop will be in Port Villa, in Vanuatu.