19 Aug 2004

Fiji's ailing NFP party says forget race issue

6:18 am on 19 August 2004

Fiji's National Federation Party says the way ahead is to forget about race in politics.

The party hasn't had any of its candidates elected in the past two elections, but it's planning to rebuild ahead of the next poll due in 2006.

The former MP Dorsami Naidu has now taken over as party president at the recent annual convention.

Mr Naidu has promised to give all his time to rebuilding the mostly Indo-Fijian party.

He says it's too small a world, to be fighting against each other and the NFP's new policy will be that ethnicity is irrelevant.

"You must consider them, no doubt they play an important part. But in order that we can do the best for the country, for the nation, and for the people, is that we must work together and share."