19 Aug 2004

Solomon Islands prison under-resourced, says Prisons' Commissioner

8:29 pm on 19 August 2004

The acting commissioner of prisons in Solomon Islands, Francis Haisoma, says the main problem with Honiara's Rove Prison is that it is under-resourced.

The government is awaiting a full security review of the country's prison system begun this week by two prison security experts from Australia.

They have been flown in to assess the prison system following a security scare last week when at least a hundred prisoners broke out of the cells.

Mr Haisoma says he doesn't think there are serious security concerns at Rove prison.

But he says they have lost the ability to equip a riot squad in the event of incidents such as happened last week.

"I'm happy with my staff but the point is that any prison probably is a less priority place so even in terms of uniform, in terms of staff accomodation, in terms of other resources that I have just mentioned regarding riot gears and all that, prison has got to be equipped on neccessity to combat such situatins. We have nothing at the moment."

Francis Haisoma