19 Aug 2004

More reshuffles in the Vanuatu government coalition.

8:23 pm on 19 August 2004

The instability in the Vanuatu Government appears to have eased with the ten member National United Party joining the coalition of Prime Minister Serge Vohor.

The NUP President, Ham Lini, has been made Deputy Prime Minister, while the party's secretary general Willie Jimmy is also in Cabinet.

A coalition spokesman says they have created a Government of national unity, although this has been undermined with the resignation of Maxime Carlot Korman, who had been Deputy Prime Minister.

His Republican party has four MPs, and has joined the Oppositon, though one member is reportedly staying with the Government.

Meanwhile Deputy Opposition leader Edward Natapei says the Supreme Court has ordered that Parliament meet within seven days to vote on their motion of no confidence in the Government.

But estimates are that the Vohor coalition, with the backing of the NUP, now has 30 votes in the 52 seat parliament.