23 Aug 2004

Niue to build park where Cylcone Heta was its most destructive

6:32 pm on 23 August 2004

The Premier of Niue, Young Vivian says there is now consensus to turn a coastal strip, where the worst of Cyclone Heta's fury was felt, into a park.

The narrow coastal strip on the western side of the island was hit by huge waves whipped up by a storm big enough to wreck dozens of houses and kill two people.

Mr Vivian says public meetings on the island have endorsed a proposal by city planners in New Zealand to turn it into a park.

"It's a wonderful plan, it's a thing that's in line with my thinking that something peaceful and beautiful should come out that particular area, because it was a very sad area in the sense that a lot of buildings were flattened out, and also two people died on that particular strip."

Young Vivian says another proposal was for a golf course, but that would have been too expensive to maintain.