1 Sep 2004

Email one way to inform people in rural areas of Solomon Islands about the law

1:48 pm on 1 September 2004

In Solomon Islands, the Public Solicitor's office is using modern technology to reach the most remote areas of the country in its efforts to provide legal assistance.

Public Solicitor Ken Averre says for about 25 American cents anyone in the rural areas can use the People First Network email stations in the provinces to send in their legal queries.

He says it is a joint initiative between his office, the United Nations Development Programme office in Honiara, in association with its Suva based Regional Rights Resources Team.

"to me it is an exciting initiative and hopefully we can reach out to people and make arrangements if we do need to see them, that causes the minimum of inconvenience to those people as well. I'm very excitied by it. I think it is a great initiative which has come up and we have discussed it at length. and I really do think it is going to work"

Mr Averre says his office has already received some questions following its launch last week and it is expected to increase as more people find out about the service.

He says in a country scattered over around 9-hundred islands with bad transport services, the service will be invaluable.