3 Sep 2004

Fiji court grants restraining order against one of Seniloli's defence lawyers

10:28 am on 3 September 2004

The Fiji Solicitor General's Office has taken out a restraining order against Abhay Singh, one of the defence lawyers in the case of the jailed vice president Seniloli.

Fiji TV reports that Mr Singh, who is facing several charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice, is suing Gregor Allan, a senior prosecutor in the DDP's office.

Mr Singh, who was ordered to surrender his passport, claims Mr Allan has refused to allow its release to enable him to pursue further legal studies in Australia.

The State Solicitor's Office says Mr Singh's case is not against Mr Allan personally but was based on the work Mr Allan was required to do in the course of his employment.

It argues that Mr Singh failed to satisfy the conditions for the release of his passport.

The State Solicitor's Office says that Mr Singh is charged with a serious criminal offence and will be treated like any other criminal suspect.

It has obtained a High Court order restraining Mr Singh from interfering or serving legal documents on Mr Allan personally, adding that these should be served on the Solicitor General's Office.

Mr Singh faces imprisonment for contempt of court if he disobeys the restraining order.