3 Sep 2004

Indonesian human rights commission confirms abuse cases against military and police

10:24 am on 3 September 2004

An Indonesian commission investigating the police and the military for human rights abuses in the province of Papua says there is sufficient evidence to bring two cases to court.

The National Commission on Human Rights says witnesses have testfied that police and the military killed 13 people and tortured 48 others in two separate raids on the districts of Wasior in 2001 and Wamena last year.

The Commission says eighteen police officers and more than 150 soldiers are implicated in the abuses, which caused thousands of villagers to flee to refugee camps.

The commission will hand the case over to the Indonesian Attorney General's office for further investigation.

The raids were made in response to attacks on the Indonesian army and police by the separatist Free Papua Movement.

The group has been fighting a guerrilla war against Indonesian forces for more than two decades.