6 Sep 2004

Fiji Labour Party senator to lodge complaint alleging corruption in Customs Authority

7:29 am on 6 September 2004

A Fiji Labour Party senator will today lodge an official complaint with the police about allegations he has made of widespread corruption and collusion in the Revenue and Customs Authority.

Senator Felix Anthony made the allegation in the Upper House last week.

The FIJI SUN quotes Senator Anthony as saying he has company documents that back his allegations which would help police carry out a thorough investigation.

Senator Anthony says Fiji has witnessed a great deal of corruption in the government recently and the common people have suffered as a result.

The Authority chief executive, Sila Kotobalavu, says he has identified those responsible for leaking confidential company documents and disciplinary action would be taken against them.

But Senator Anthony says this only indicates that Mr Kotobalavu is making every effort to restrict information and is intimidating employees.

He says Mr Kotobalavu should step aside for allow for an independent investigation.

The Fijian Political Party, the SVT, and the National Federation Party as well as Labour have all called for an independent investigation into the allegations.