8 Sep 2004

Pro-royalist movement calls for Tongan PM to step down

9:13 pm on 8 September 2004

The pro-royalist Kotoa movement has called for Prince Ulakalala Lavaka Ata to step down as Prime Minister of Tonga.

The call has been triggered by the sacking of three cabinet ministers last month.

Kotoa spokesman Semisi Kailahi says the prince should pay the penalty for not immediately providing reasons for the sackings...

"The Kotoa people are still a hundred percent behind the king, and what we are hoping, we feel that what his son has done should be corrected, the best way we can. Look, if he's going to step down as PM, he can come back later again when we feel he's more mature and can see things concerning the people because I feel at the moment, it seems to be, some of them are too isolated from the people."