10 Sep 2004

Protests against Tongan government postponed

7:33 am on 10 September 2004

Protests involving Fly Niu airlines and a pro-royalist movement in Tonga have been called off.

This week Fly Niu was ordered to cease operations to adhere to the government's new 'one domestic airline' policy.

Whilst the pro-royalist Kotoa movement has opposed last month's sackings of three Cabinet ministers.

Koro Vakauta reports from Nuku'alofa.

"Fly Niu will no longer exist as an airline. But instead of protesting, staff have decided to use the day for housekeeping matters and to clear the office."

While Kotoa spokesman, Semisi Tikailahi, says the postponement of the sitting of the Privy Council removes the focus of the march, as it was to end at the Council's sitting.

This is the week's second cancellation of a demonstration, with the march on Parliament protesting against the Cabinet sackings, delayed until next week.