16 Sep 2004

Forum suggests changes needed to Nauru administration

6:19 am on 16 September 2004

The Pacific Islands Forum says its representative to Nauru will try to help the island out of its financial crisis.

The Forum has sent Chitra Jeremiah, a former Nauruan Secretary to the Government, on a year-long mission to the island as a response to the island's plea for regional help.

The Forum Secretary General, Greg Urwin, says the organisation hasn't undertaken this type of exercise before.

Mr Urwin says the agency wants Ms Jeremiah to help Nauru come to terms with making changes to overcome its debt problems.

"It is inherent in a situation where a country is, as it were, changing from a situation that they have been used to, to another, that there'll be a range of adjustments required, not least in their administration in the kinds of interactions they have with the world - and that is the kind of coming to terms I mean."