20 Sep 2004

Striking workers blockade New Caledonia newspaper

8:55 pm on 20 September 2004

Striking workers have resumed a blockade of New Caledonia's only daily newspaper.

This comes after unarmed police moved in on Friday to end a week-long illegal blockade of the access to the offices of the Nouvelles Caledoniennes in Noumea.

The AFP news agency reports the dispute centres on some union members demanding the removal of a manager, with the union now warning of a general strike later this week.

The conflict has left the territory without a daily paper for the most part of the past two weeks.

Although the strike is backed by only a minority of the employees, the newspaper's manager, Roland Andrei, said last week that the police action might not settle the conflict.

Meanwhile, a strike by another union at the territory's public broadcaster is entering its second month.

RFO has had no local television and radio news because of action by a small group of employees unhappy with the contract of one fellow worker.