22 Sep 2004

French Polynesia's Fetia Api concerned about political instability

1:15 pm on 22 September 2004

A party in French Polynesia's ruling coalition has expressed concern at the recent political instability as four assembly members of the main coalition party stayed away from last week's proceedings.

The Fetia Api Party, which is a junior party in the administration formed in June, says it wants to re-assure the French Polynesian people that they are committed to working in everybody's interest.

At a news conference, the party's leader, Philip Schyle, has called on those those stayed away to learn to make concession.

The Tahitipresse news agency reports that he was referring to the removal of a crucifix from within the assembly - a demand by the four dissidents which has now been met.

Mr Schyle also defended the ministers against alleged incompetence, saying the coalition agreed to make possible adjustments after six to eight months in power.