27 Sep 2004

Niue's new bankers want a New Zealand partnership

7:38 pm on 27 September 2004

Papua New Guinea's Bank of the South Pacific wants to form a partnership with at least one New Zealand bank.

The BSP from the beginning of next month will run the only bank on the island after Westpac pulled out.

Concerns over the change have been raised by Niue businesses, worried about money transfers with New Zealand, and their need for New Zealand currency.

However the BSP manager of shared services, Andy Cottam, says while they expect some hiccups at first, they are considering various options for locals.

"We've actually got somebody on the ground in New Zealand at the moment making arrangements with New Zealand banks in relation to transactions overseas and clearing of paper drawn on New Zealand. And in regards to the fees we haven't had much of a look at that at the moment, so I can't really comment"

Andy Cottram from the BSP.